Abundant Harvest

A friend of mine does a produce box through Abundant Harvest Organics and if she ends up with something that is not a favorite of her family's (she's got two kids under 3) I luckily get the spoils. Last week it was a bunch of great root vegetables and after roasting them in my cast iron pan and discovering how tasty the produce really was I felt it was my duty to give this company a shout out. Because on top of it being super fresh and tasty all of their food is also organic (Hey ya!).

Abundant Harvest Organics delivers 100% certified USDA organic produce boxes at the price of conventionally grown food. The organization is an alliance of small family farmers in Central California dedicated to growing superior organic produce and getting it to you in the simplest manner possible. And always without the use of chemicals or packaging materials. And they never ever substitute -everything is always organic!

Abundant Harvest Organics offers a large box of produce (feeds approximately four people weekly) or a smaller box (feeds approximately two people weekly) plus a growing list of farm-fresh add-ons to choose from such as raw milk, eggs, nuts, grains, meat and poultry—at wholesale prices.
As with all CSA's you don't get to specify what's in your box, but what some people look upon as a con I see as an edible adventure. Plus along with saving you from the weekly drain of both time and gas spent going to the supermarket (and the fact that the produce is soooo much more fresh and tasty) the price is positively right.

Base prices of the boxes:
$36.80 for the Large Box
$21.80 for the Small Box

If you are ever unhappy with the quality of an item, you can notify them within 72 hours of your delivery and they'll send a replacement in your next delivery.
So if you're looking for a great way to stay on track with your New Year's resolution to eat healthy and you don't love spending hours at the Farmer's markets (which I have to admit I'm guilty of) check out Abundant Harvest Organics. It's Yummm with 3 Ms!