For those who haven’t heard genetically engineered food is a BIG question mark. Untested. Unlabeled. And now, coming to a grocery store near you. Which is something you should definitely care about.

We should all know if our food’s been GE (genetically engineered). Especially now that it’s showing up directly in the food we eat (versus the food of the food we eat). GE sweet corn has be approved by the FDA for human consumption, but the FDA isn’t you. So if you don’t want BIG question marks in the food you eat speak up!

Food and Water Watch have been doing some great work towards this cause. So far this fall, they've collected over 75,000 petition signatures to the top U.S. grocery stores against GE sweet corn. In response to the work, Trader Joe's and General Mills have already come out against Monsanto's GE sweet corn, refusing to sell it to consumers.

Food and Water Watch has decided that their next step is to focus on pressuring Walmart not to sell this new GE sweet corn intended for direct human consumption. As the largest U.S. food retailer, Walmart has a lot of influence over the market and what farmers grow. Even though this crop has already been approved, if we’re able to convince Walmart not to sell Monsanto's GE sweet corn, other major grocery chains are more likely to follow suit, and then farmer's won't grow it.

In order to get this campaign off the ground, Food and Water Watch needs your help. They're looking for volunteers to help by passing out flyers and collecting petition signatures to Walmart against GE sweet corn.

So if you have questions, get in the game and speak up!

The Edible Skinny