Thursday, February 3, 2011

Food Forward!

Volunteered with my little sis Kelly for Food Forward last Saturday. I've written about them before but in a nutshell volunteers go to homes and businesses of people who own fruit trees that are not using them and pick their tangelos and lemons (what we harvested on Saturday).

The fruit is then donated to a local food bank (in this case MEND Poverty and North Valley Caring Services) with the owners getting a tax write off for the market weight of their fruit. And the best part (other than being do-gooders) is that you get to climb up in trees (hooray!)

In total on Saturday we picked: - 26 boxes of fruit - Each box is approximately 45 lbs.

That means in two hours we picked over a thousand pounds of fruit!

If you're interested in climbing some trees (and doing some do-gooder work) check out Food Forward. They just put up their February pick schedule.

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