Saturday, August 7, 2010

Whole Times Article on the Coolest Plastic Hating People I Know

Marcus and Anna

My interview with Anna Cummins and Marcus Ericksen, founders of the 5 Gyres, is in the August/September of the Whole Life Times. Through the 5 Gyres Marcus and Anna are sailing around the world mapping out our global plastic footprint at all of the five ocean gyres (the places in the ocean where all the currents swirl together).

Shores of Azores - 5 Gyres

Marcus and Anna are probably the coolest couple you’ve ever met. They have survived hurricanes in the middle of the Indian Ocean, biked from Vancouver to Tijuana handing out their plastic packed ocean water gyre samples to everyone from Gavin Newsome to Google, and presently are building a paddleboard out of cigarette lighters to educate kids. Positively passionate about their cause they even invested their honeymoon money to found the 5 Gyres (I told you they were cool!)
If you can't find a hard copy check it out online.

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