Saturday, January 29, 2011

Something to Check Out: Art @ Casa del Mar

Checked out Ken Solomon’s new exhibit at Hotel Casa del Mar on Wednesday. The Santa Monica hotel has collaborated with curator Cynthia Greenwald to stage the show as part of their Live Well Again Artist Series. From January 26th through mid April this New York artist’s creations will be featured with this exhibit focusing on issues of identity and appropriation on the canvas of the internet.

The hotel proclaims that Solomon’s new paintings are detailed, reconstructed snapshots of the ever-changing internet in an attempt to slow down the constant flow of information on the web. When asked why he paints web pages, Solomon explains, "... if it's done by hand, they're going to look at it from a different perspective."

A group of Google Portraits are fossils of digital information, as they translate the results of Google image searches into watercolor (like the above Campbell Soup can first immortalized by Warhol now Post-Modernly mixed by Solomon). "I feel like the Google image search is sort of our contemporary dictionary," he adds. So if it’s a fun little jaunt if you’re looking for with a heap of culture topped onto your Santa Monica sunset drink than Casa del Mar is the place to go.

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