Monday, October 26, 2015

Garlic Lovin' in Gilroy

Last week Edible Skinny was lucky enough to visit the “Garlic Capital of the World” Gilroy, California.  The majority of garlic (90%) grown in the United States comes from California and Gilroy is ground zero for this pungent member of the onion family! 

Gilroy, the southernmost city in Santa Clara County, has a love for all things garlic, and not one thing vampire.   Famous for its world famous Gilroy Garlic Festival (held in July in case you were wondering) that has an attendance reaching almost 100,000 people!   The restaurants lining this sleepy little town feature dishes such as garlic soup, garlic mac and cheese, and garlic ice cream.  So while there we had to swing by The Millas Restaurant to had to have their (off menu) garlic fries. 
The Millas Restaurant was founded in 1922, has been simply known as “The Milias” ever since.  Across the street from town hall, the restaurant has remained an anchor in Gilroy’s downtown district.  Their popular lunchtime menu has been for decades a favorite with local businessmen and shoppers, while the unique, cowboy-motif horseshoe cocktail lounge and adjoining, spacious dining room have served generations of Gilroyans along with a few choice celebrities such as Clark Gable and Will Rogers.

The fries were perfection!   Crispy, brown, and covered in the best that Gilroy has to offer!
Hoping life is delicious and your Gilroy garlic is plentiful, unless you’re a vampire! ;-)

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