Sunday, April 13, 2014

Best of the Fest #9: Bobbysue's Nuts!

One of our favorite snack mixes of this year’s Natural Product Expo West was the Westchester based Bobbysue’s Nuts!

Bobbysue’sNuts! are a "savory and not too sweet" blend of all-natural almonds, pecans, cashews along with select spices, a dash of sweetness, and egg whites from humanely raised chickens, that create a mouthful of crunchy goodness!  Their mixes are available in 3 different flavors: Original, It's Raining Chocolate, and Some Like it Hot.

Bobbysue’s Nuts! was founded by “Bobbysue” Kobren in 2008 and was inspired by her passion to help the lives of homeless animals.  One afternoon, after hours of racking her brain for ideas on how to increase animal rescue donations, it finally hit her: “why not sell my family’s fantastic, generations-old recipe for spiced nuts, and donate profits from every sale?”
A portion of every dollar of Bobbysue’s Nuts! goes toward benefiting the SPCA of Westchester, New York to help build a shelter for homeless animals.  Bobbysue’s Nuts! donates the greater of 2% of net profits or $5,000/year and in their first five years, they have donated almost $40,000! 

The SPCA of Westchester takes in animals from all over the country with the promise of helping them find homes no matter how long it takes.  The primary goal of Bobbysue’s Nuts! is to help raise enough money to build a modern shelter facility that will ensure a safe and comfortable home for all the animals crossing its threshold, to support legal protection for animals and to educate the community with particular emphasis on children. 

Since gaining momentum over the years (you can now find Bobbysue’s Nuts! mix in all 57 Legends Luxury Suites at YankeeStadium!) her son Adam has now joined the team (which is who we had the pleasure meeting at the Natural Products Expo West) making this flavorful concoction of nuts a whole family affair!

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