Saturday, April 5, 2014

Best of the Fest #7: Monterey Farms Artichokes

One of the simplest and tastiest products that we experienced at the Natural Products Expo West were the elegant and exquisite artichoke hearts of Monterey Farms.

With over 25 years of experience Monterey Farms is a small locally owned and operated manufacturer located in Salinas, California.  They are situated on the scenic Monterey Peninsula, less than 15 minutes from Castroville, “The Artichoke Capital of the World.”  Because of their close proximity to the nation’s most notable artichoke fields, Monterey farms is afforded access to the freshest artichokes available.

Monterey Farms artichokes are made with all-natural ingredients and their taste, texture and quality is that of a cooked artichoke fresh from the field. Their proprietary process of sealing the arti hearts promotes the natural value and health benefits of the artichoke, giving a chef a unique and graceful alternative to the canned or jarred artichoke products.

Monterey Farms offers artichoke hearts that are available in 4 divine and distinct flavors.  Along with classics such as Grilled ArtiHearts and Natural ArtiHearts, Monterey Farms offer a few other fun flavors that were total winners!  My favorite were their Buffalo ArtiHearts which are tossed in a traditional Buffalo style sauce, then grilled for a rich, spicy, full body flavor.  For the Vegetarian and Vegans in the room (moi) they’re a delicious meat alternative to Buffalo style chicken wings!  Buffolo ArtiHearts can be served either warm or lightly breaded; either way they are a savory Yummm!

Monterey Farms artichokes are available at Whole Foods Market, The Fresh Market, Wegman's, and HEB Markets.

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