Friday, January 15, 2016

Pure LOVE in a Honey Stick Form with Absolute Xtracts Edible Products

As the United States inches towards the full legalization of weed, high end marijuana is finding its way into the world of practically everything, including the foodie world.  This isn't the bygone days of pot brownies made with Duncan Hines mix; instead we have entered the world where VICE does high end cooking show entitled Munchies, ES gets pitched by press friendly marijuana companies, and the possibility that Bon Appetite or the New York Times covering edibles is an imminent reality.  So with a tip to mind expansion being built into the product, Edible Skinny made the conscious choice to enter the world of marijuana edibles coverage with Absolute Xtract’s THC Honey Straws.
It's simple, Absolute Xtract’s THC Honey Straws just make life a little sweeter.   From a little dab in your morning tea to pouring the whole stick on your Mama's baklava recipe, this honey is pure LOVE in drizzle form!  Edible Skinny chose to rock in the New Year with a few drops before four hours of Kirtan (yoga chanting) and it was a fantastico way to greet 2016, experiencing relaxed euphoric mindful connectedness.

Absolute Xtracts’ Honey Straws are available in Indica and Sativa varieties, in quantities of 20 mg or 40 mg. This California grown cannabis is paired with natural, local honey to yield that pure, scrumptious flavor.  Absolute Xtracts' cannabis oil is sourced in a PFC-certified lab and created with a supercritical C02 method.Absolute Xtracts strains are lab tested for mold, bacteria, and pesticide residues. The strains contain no additives. 

Absolute Xtracts caters to those with a medical marijuana card in the state California as well as Oregon.  Like all Absolute Xtracts products, THC Honey straws are designed to provide high potency THC at a low price. Honey Straws are sold individually and range in price from $5-$8.  (Totally worth the cost of a cup of coffee!) 

So if you're looking to tap into the world of pure LOVE in a honey stick form we cannot recommend enough Absolute Xtract’s THC Honey Straws.

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