Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Patron Puts the “Art” Back in Party with the “Art of Patron”

This year Patron is putting the art back in party with their “Art of Patron” contest.  The contest inspired by Patron’s craft and commitment to the finest tequila, is proving to be the perfect way to mix things up. The contest invites artists and innovators to give “the brand’s distinct glass bottles a second life” through artistic interpretation, asking applicants to create an original work of art or functional item that contains, is made from, or depicts any Patrón bottle or component thereof. From elegant chandeliers to fresh and funky vases, Patron enthusiasts have shown just how versatile this iconic glass bottle can be. The contest, which ended on April 30, will narrow ten finalists to one grand prizewinner who will receive $10,000 and national exposure for their work of art. To promote their contest, Patron invited Edible Skinny to the “Art of Patron” Los Angeles event to experience the taste behind the art.  
The Art of Patron event reminds us just how much dedication goes into a perfectly crafted cocktail through inspiration and mixology. The event focused on Patron creativity featuring over ten signature cocktails ranging from the classic Patron Smoked Sea Salt Margarita made with Patron Silver, pineapple, and paprika to the Tea Sea, which featured Patron XO Café, cold- brewed coffee and spiced and sweetened condensed milk. With other drinks like the Mexican Mule, made with Patron Resposado, Ginger Beer and lime juice and the Patron Old Fashioned, there was something on the list for everyone. While we are all use tequila staples like margaritas or shot, these cocktails made us wonder why we had been limiting the potentials of this perfectly palatable Patron. Through conscientious crafting each Patron cocktail told a story, and our taste buds listened. 

And no story is complete without reminding us of its roots. The Art of Patron Event offered guest an escape from reality through immersive 360 degree Oculus Rift technology which brought guest back to the origins of it all. Those who took the trip were transported to a hacienda in Mexico where they experienced Patron’s first handcrafting from start to finish through the eyes of a bee. This virtual experience took us on a journey where we traveled from the highest-quality Weber Blue agave plants grown in the highlands of Jalisco, Mexico, to the centuries-old distillation process, to the signed, handcrafted glass bottles, Patrón is produced with unparalleled attention to detail.
The Art of Patron event left no taste untapped when it came to art. With a walkthrough gallery of Andy Warholesque Patron portraits, to a monster Patron bottle recreated in crayons, to color your own cocktails, to photography rooms, the event made sure you attendees were living the art as much as tasting it. They even featured a create your own bottle artwork station, where guest could bedazzle or decorate their own Patron bottle to take home. 
And no night or cocktail would be complete without the finishing touches. To make sure things continued to spice up, Patron featured a spice stations where attendees could learn about the different flavors used to rim these creative and innovative cocktails. There was also a make-your-own station where guests could choose from over 25 spices to create a personalized combination that they received in a Patron tin, for their home drinking pleasure. 
Patron, a perfect balance of taste and tradition has outdone themselves this time, pushing the boundaries of influence and inspiration. The Art of Patron shows us tequila is an art form every step of the way, from inception to consummation, this versatile spirit is a masterpiece.   
For more information about the #artofpatron or Patron spirits, please visit Patronspirits.com

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