Wednesday, February 7, 2018

Firkin' Good! Manahawkin Based Craft Brewery Manafirkin Kicks Ass!!!

During the Holidays, Edible Skinny was lucky enough to head back East to Kelly and Kat's hometown of Manahawkin, NJ.  While there we were able to experience the craftiness of the recently opened small town brewery Manafirkin Brewing Company (for there to be a craft brewery in Manahawkin is to show you how much this town has expanded!!!).

Manafirkin, which opened in 2017, is nestled behind a local hospital thrift shop.  The brewery space is open with a large garage door front to allow breezes when it's not 10 degrees (seriously East Coast... get your wintertime act together!).

With well executed beer options such as Wake the Firk Up (coffee oatmeal stout), Peace Pipe (a classic porter), and a rumored Strawberry Jalapeno Beer... this is definitely a brewery to check out!
 The bartender will gladly pour you a sample brew if you're in indecisive Goldilocks mood.  Free popcorn, a kickass tunes playlist, and plenty of bench style seating are all positive checks!  Oh, and it's also dog friendly!

So if you happen to be in our hometown of Manahawkin, get the Firk over there (but make sure it's a weekend because their not open on weekdays)! ;-)