Monday, May 9, 2016

Instamix: Bulletproof Coffee on the Go

Instamix: Bulletproof Coffee on the Go
By Omid Vojdani

Bulletproof  Coffee has changed my life. I mean that in every sense imaginable. Butter, mct oils and single sourced organic coffee mixed together gave me unbelievable energy, mental clarity, and even helped me shed some body fat along the way. Over the years since I discovered this miracle elixir I’ve explored much of what Dave Asprey has created for his Bulletproof brand, including the Upgraded Glutathione, Upgraded Activated Charcoal, and his Upgraded Collagen Protein, all which I believe are quality products that have made a positive impact on my life. 
To put it bluntly, I am a fanboy.

When Dave Asprey, founder of Bulletproof, announced his Instamix product, I couldn’t wait to try it. Dave has been working on Instamix for a little over three years, aiming to make a product for people who want their Bulletproof coffee while traveling, but don’t want to pack a blender, butter and oil. And while this product does exactly that, my first experience wasn’t was what I expecting. Spoiled by the frothy perfection of my at home BulletProof coffee, this tasted thick, a tad burnt and did not mix well. I did manage to finish the cup, and I was rewarded by all the normal effects: increased energy, mental clarity, and a curb in appetite for a few hours. 

But being the fanboy I am, I refused to believe that Bulletproof could put out a subpar product.  I decided to give Instamix a few more tries. I realized my error was trying to stir the product into the coffee with a spoon. For the second try, decided to mix it all inside my travel coffee tin, and shake the heck out of it for a full minute. What a difference! Still not the creamy and frothy mix you get after blending, but definitely a much more pleasant experience. 

This made me think about my expectations. I think as with anything in life there is  a small price to be paid for convenience. Instamix will never been my multi-step, full kitchen, frothy, homemade cup of Bulletproof coffee, but with Instamix now I can be Bulletproof no matter how far away I am from the comforts of my own home or kitchen appliances. 

14 individual pouches of Instamix retail for $29.99, and you can pick them up at Bulletproof CafĂ© if you’re in Santa Monica, CA, or at

I highly recommend this to traveling Bulletproof Coffee addicts and fanboys/girls like me. Just keep in mind that to get all the same effects, we’re trading a little bit of comfort for convenience. 

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