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Wine, Dine, and Unwind at Hyatt Regency in Monterey

By Kelly Grace Thomas
Whether it is a bed and breakfast or a high rise over a city skyline, the best hotels anticipate the needs of guest before they even arrive. They have each detail planned, they anticipate the eloquence of each experience to ensure that there is little to want for, and much to enjoy.
The Hyatt Monterey Regency is no exception; more than just hotel, their widespread grounds like feel more like a friendly college campus then a get in and get out overnight type of operation. There is an element of comfortability, yet they seen have small details that add up to a rich experience. This pampering, yet functional, getaway has nearly every luxury one could think of to wine, dine and unwind.
Edible Skinny was lucky enough to spend two nights at this third busiest Hyatt Regency in the world and we were amazed at the hotel’s ability to get it all right - from the foundations of service to the finishing touches. At Hyatt Monterey guests know you will be taken care of, leaving them nothing to do but relax. While we could write a books on all the amazing ways the Hyatt Regency knows how to pamper, we thought we would give you the highlight reel, after all it is the holiday season and we all have shopping to do... 
Nestled on 22 acres of beauty, there are many grand ways to work up an appetite at the Hyatt Regency Monterey. Whether it is at their 24-hour gym, Racquet club, playing ping pong, or putting the day away on their famous Del Monte Golf Course, the Hyatt Regency has got you covered. While their more casual establishment, Knuckles has been voted Monterey Peninsula’s best sports bar 12-years in a row, Edible Skinny opted for a more sophisticated dining at experience at Hyatt Monterey’s delicious TusCA.
TusCA is a taste of Italy paired with the coastal cuisine of California: the best of both culinary worlds.

TusCA was a mouthwatering treat, that had consistent delicacy and dependable flavor. It’s a restaurant of many accents that bring the experience together as a whole. At TusCA there is a touch of this and a pinch of that for a multi-layered experience you will never forget. Their  head chef Steve Johnson is both an innovator and expert, crafting both stand out staples and curious combinations diners will never forget. While almost every dish was exceptional in its own right, we definitely had some stands we are dying to share.
To begin our meal, we loved the TusCan Crab Cakes with white bean salad, arugula, Davina Tomatoes, lemon Oil. They we’re de-lis-ous. We’re usually a crab cake snobs, but we were very impressed by the golden brown crispness on the outside with the plump and tender juicy  jumbo lump on the inside. Combining a nice dichotomy of texture and richness, these plump pillows of goodness had almost no filler, but lots of flavor. A must order for seafood lovers.
When it comes to cheese, we can’t get enough especially their  Burrata Cheese with
Heirloom Tomatoes, basil, pickled Onions, Extra Virgin Olive Oil, grilled Bread. We loved this dish so much we ordered it two nights in a row. The Burrata, vinegar, and grilled bread equals the best of all delectable sensations. You get the cream, the tang, the crunch, and the zing.” If you are visiting TusCA make sure to check out this refreshing and refined appetizer.
For main dishes we were dazzled by Angel Hair Pasta with Pesto Sauce, Cherry Tomatoes, Spinach, Pine Nuts. The Pesto rich and savory. The nuts aren’t completely blended so you great some graininess in the texture.  Mushrooms added to the dish are awesome texture for those vegetarians who want a little more something to their meal.
And for those carnivores, you cannot go wrong with the Grilled Fillet served with
Grain Mustard, Fingerling Potatoes, pancetta, Braised Escarole, and Date Butter.
The butter adds a dimensional juxtaposition of grilled savory to crunch, with a maple rounding finish. Here at TusCA, this was one of the best steaks we at Edible Skinny have had in quite some time.
And of course, what’s dining, wining and unwinding with a little sweet to add to the savory. We love, love, loved Chocolate Dome a Ghiradelli Mousse, Chocolate Cake, and Peppered Candied Bacon. Candied Bacon!  This dessert should have its own category of deliciousness.  Unless you have had chocolate and this candied bacon, you’re not on our cosmic level. This was a beautiful galaxy of flavor. It’s worth a trip to Hyatt Regency for this dish alone.
Whether you want a frosty brew at Knuckles or a glass of local vino at TusCA, Hyatt Monterey has lots of libations to slowly sip and savor.  You can also enjoy a cocktail at their fireside lounge with live jazz on the weekends. While there were too many wonderful libations to list, we did have some favorites.  Among some of the standouts we sampled were the Twisted Roots a Petite Sirah from Lodi, with a tasting room in Carmel Valley Village, We also enjoyed Paraduxx a very subtle red blend from Napa that is part of the Duckhorn label.
One of our favorite things about Hyatt Regency is that you can take your glass of wine outside, which we did, to their adorable gazebo, which seats about twenty and sit around the large fire. While sipping a glass of wine at this homey backyard setting, guest are encouraged mingled with other patrons and roast S'mores, which are sold in their gift shop. There was something so lovely about the comfortably and closeness a perfect landscape, a warm fire and new friends invites. Again, these small details to an already wonderful stay add the finishing touches that move the Regency from destination to inspiration. And last but not least, who can affect the lasting exhale a trip like with affords when you relax and release. Hyatt Regency Monterey has many wonderful ways to unwind. Here are some highlights

The most delicious thing about our stay at the Hyatt Regency Monterey was not our meals. Well maybe it was, who could forget that Buratta...! But we had an equally delicious experience at the Hyatt’s Marilyn Monroe spa. With funky decor and a full service pampering, the Marilyn Monroe Spa covers anything from makeup to massage to reflexology. We were lucky enough to have the traditional Marilyn Relaxation Treatment which included a one hour relaxing full body massage. Jennifer, our masseuse, asked if there any specific areas and tried her best to individualize her craft to ease each tension. During the massage she used with essential oil with rose hips, which put us on cloud nine and left us smelling yummy for the remainder of the day.

All of the products used at the spa are 100% organic and  many are produced locally. The Marilyn Monroe spa even has their own makeup line, to prepare brides to be’s or pamper a group of ladies in for a makeover. There is also a sauna on site for anyone looking to relax and sweat out some tension. From their monthly manicure club to the massage (face massage and facials) they offer everything a girl (or guy) could need, to stay a classic Marilyn beauty.
While some might see exercise as chore, we love the calming effects it has on our body. The Hyatt Regency Monterey also sports a 24-hour fitness center that has anything a health nut might need. With a great mix of cardio and weight machines, no part of the establishment is too small to think about for an exquisite experience. Our favorite thing about the fitness center was the eucalyptus towels scented towels, refrigerated for the perfect cool and refreshing post workout treat.
So the next time you are in the Monterey area be sure to check out how you can relax to the max with Hyatt Regency Monterey.

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