Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Food Forward's Voluneer of the Month: Me!

Food Forward is one of the most awesome food non-profits I've ever had the pleasure of working with (if you're new to Edible Skinny, they're a gleaning organization that in the course of 4 years they have gleaned 1.7 million pounds of fresh fruit and vegetables for the people of SoCal!) 

And this month I was honored to be there Volunteer of the Month!  Hooray!  Food Forward had some amazingly kind things to say about me!  Below's an excerpt:

There are only a handful of Fruit Loops who truly explore our org with multi-dimensional zest.  One such person is June’s Volunteer of the Month – Kat Thomas.  She started as a backyard harvester, joined up in the early days of the Farmer Market Recovery Program as a Glean Team Lead, and has since tabled for us, worked fundraisers, and even written about us for local media outlets.  All that great service aside, Fruit Prez Rick Nahmias’ fondest shared memory of Kat came late in 2011 when she joined him at FF’s first Christmas Day Pick.   On that 80 degree day, Kat brought along great Chinese food to share, which the crew enjoyed sitting in the Fruit Mobile.
If you want to read the whole post you can check it out at:

And if you're interested in volunteering for and/or donating to Food Forward wait are you waiting for check them out!?!

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